In Residence III

presented by Ting Ying Gallery and Oliver Sears Gallery
From 20th June -1st July 2023

Designed in 1858 by Sir Charles James Freake, Cromwell Place is one of London’s most exciting
arts destinations, with a year-round programme of diverse exhibitions and events across 15
gallery spaces. Comprising a terrace of 5 magnificent refurbished and reconfigured Victorian
buildings. These spaces are now transformed into contemporary art galleries, private work-
spaces and art storage while retaining the history of the building and the artistic legacy of their
former residents.
For the third ‘In Residence III’ exhibition Oliver Sears Gallery, curated by Brian Kennedy, the
Dublin based Gallery has joined forces with London based Ting Ying Gallery. The dual
presentation will offer intriguing juxtapositions between media-painting and ceramics, drawing
and glass, wood and bone-across generations of Irish and British artists-but it also offers a
meeting ground for an expansively global conversation.

Curated by Brian Kennedy.
From 20th June -1st July 2023
Monday-Saturday 10.00-18.00 | Sunday 10.00-16.00
4 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JE



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